Sunday, September 19, 2010

Warming up the machine...

I signed up for the kids clothes week over at Starts tomorrow and my list is long, as usual, but I prepped some things this week so I hope that I can actually tick a few things off.
- sweater hats for both boys
- pajamas for the oldest
- long-sleeved t-shirts from too-small onesies
- warm weather vest for the oldest

Yup. Would be quite the week if I accomplished half of that. Wish me luck.


mama-pan | mary frances said...

yay! I'm trying to play along, too--though we have a birthday this week so that makes for busyness (fun busyness, of course!)

Dina said...

oh!! I wish I could play too, maybe next time ( I need to brush my sewing skills, or rather give them a good long practice session :)
I will be happily watching you from the side lines however and wish you good luck too.

Julie said...

Your ambition leaves me wavering between inspiration and the desire to lay down and take a very long nap. I'm still working on that tooth pillow. I'm hoping to beat the tooth.