Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kid's Clothes Week Wrap-Up

Not surprisingly, I did not accomplish everything on my list for the Kid's Clothes Week Challenge by elsie marley. But, I did cross somethings off and mostly using my serger. Yippee!

This top, which had already acquired food stains by the time I was able to get a photo, was just a t-shirt. I put in the long sleeve arms by cutting up some baby leggings, resizing them, and sewing them into the armholes. It was a cinch and made me feel like a genius.

I repurposed some onesies into long-sleeved tees that means they last through the fall. Mostly these are t-shirts that I thought were cute but they just didn't fit anymore. So, I cut them, eliminating the snap-y section. For the star wars top I added a bit of fabric to lengthen and hem at the same time. For the other, I just did a quick hem with the serger. (I'm finding hemming the most difficult part of sewing with knits. Lots of, ahem, opportunity for learning in that area).
This was another repurposed onesie, without the snaps. It's big plan is to be a halloween costume. I've decided a little reluctantly, to go for a join costume with big brother as a school bus and little brother as a stop sign. I can't resist the cuteness, I just hope it doesn't cause too much psychological damage for the little brother.

But, the best thing to come of this week of sewing (and it was a pain to make the time, make no mistake about it, not that I'm complaining, I realize it was voluntary) was these fire engine pajamas. The was the only non-repurposed thing about my kid's sewing extravaganza. I made a pattern from a pair of my son's existing pajamas, which is great. A free pattern. You can't tell in the picture but the bottoms are full-length pants, the bottom cuff is in the right-side photo. They don't fit perfectly and the armholes are kind of goofy and look sort of space-age on (I was trying to avoid making sleeves or hemming, see above). But, these are the world's most loved pajamas. Truly. The first night he wore them he refused to put his bedsheets over him because it would obstruct his view of the new pajamas. He has been wearing them every night since. It's honestly been a highlight of my life as a sewing mama. For real. He wanted to wear them all day long. Until, of course, I asked to take a picture and then he took them off before I could find the camera.


Anonymous said...

I'm always so excited to see boy clothes... I followed your link from the flickr pool. :) Everything looks great; I will have to remember this as my little guy starts to strain the snaps on the bottom of his onesies!

Julie said...

Great onesie idea... although I'm afraid very few of ours are salvageable. oy. Love the Halloween idea. You win Mom of the Year. Again. (I am applauding the focus on another year as BallerinaFairyPrincess. Dude, I get a lot of mileage out of those wings and tutus.)

mama-pan | mary frances said...

wonderful!!! way to go, you. And I am laughing out loud over here because I made pajama pants out of that same fabric a while back--clearly, you and your kids have impeccable taste. we call them the "firedog" pants. who says you can't find fun stuff at jo-ann's?