Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is What Love Looks Like When Its All Sewn Together

A long, long time ago I convinced a group of my closest friends to undertake a little sewing. And they did, and together we created an amazing baby quilt for the first in our gentle gang to have a baby. We were very proud of ourselves. Then another baby came along and we did it again (Yay for us!!). But, pretty soon more and more babies came along and we got a little behind on our commitment. So, I got a little motivated and sent quilt kits--pre-cut fabric squares with some embellishments and other fun things. And, everyone got excited and organized *crafternoons* and on the same day we all worked on our quilt squares together so-to-speak (evidence below).
And, the quilt squares come trickling in after a bit more fixing and fussing here and there. And, they were LOVELY and incredible and so colorful and full of all the hopes, love, and incredible expectations that we all had for the new babies. Of course, by this time, the babies were growing up...alarmingly fast.

And, those beautiful quilt squares went directly into my plastic to-do case. And, they sat there for a looong time (but those babies kept growing!). Well, I am proud to announce that I finally sat down at the machine a few weeks ago and made THREE, yes I said THREE baby quilts for what are no-longer babies at all but toddlers for sure.

And, truly, truly, truly this is what love looks like when it is all sewn together. It is vivacious and alive with color. It is calm and serene with a slice of whimsy. It is letters and buttons and stars and umbrellas and mermaids and it is as close as you can get to a hug, a squeeze and a kiss when you live hundreds of miles apart.


Cristin said...

gorgeous quilts - well done!!!

emilyg123 said...

lovely post! thank you so much for putting it all together. you are wonderful.

Julie said...

That's my fav picture of D and E ever. It's begging for those little bubble quote stickers, no? Both girls' quilts adorn our playroom in the loft and are frequently referenced when telling stories. As in, "This Gamma, right mama?" and a point to a quilt square. I'm afraid my children think you're all made of cloth and buttons. Which, you know, isn't all bad.

Julie said...

PS title of post made me a little teary. good stuff.

Juniper said...

Awe! They are so sweet!!! Well done for helping to put it all together!