Monday, October 11, 2010

Something for Mom

Well, it has been awfully quiet here lately. I hate when that happens. I have been sewing a lot just feeling a bit...reflective...about it, I guess. There is lots going on and it has me a little topsy turvy.

I did manage the sew together an exciting collection of things as a gift to my mom, a deeply belated gift I should add. It's nearly all from Weekend Sewing, which I go on and on about, I know. These were somewhat adventurous sewing projects for me. My idea was to create a pampering kit for her. So, I made slippers, a washbag, my zipper pouch, and the face wash, lip balm, and face oil from here.

The slippers were very satisfying. Cute, not that hard, and so functional I nearly cried. The border is ric-rac and they even have a little elastic at the back to keep them from slipping. But, none of it is fussy to sew.

The washbag was more challenging, I must say. Inside are little pockets to keep small things...they are even a little elasticized so things stay put. The components are straightforward enough but sewing it all together is a pain and a half. I'm an idiot about these things anyway and this just left me completely befuddled. I even stuck a pin in my hand. I don't think it was a function of the directions but more my lack of experience, if truth be told.
But, completely worth it. If for nothing than the pure joy of taking on a challenge. I will have to make more of these now, or all that effort to scale the learning curve will have been lost. Good thing it is getting on holiday time.


mama-pan | mary frances said...

hey there! these are beautiful--I love that ikea fabric as a bag. I just checked /weekend sewing/ out from the library and there are SO MANY great projects in there, aren't there?

Juniper said...

What a sweet gift!! I love the slippers and the bag!