Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Thx

I felt like inviting fall in with a new banner and some gratitude, inspired by this.
Dear: Mystery Nut and Smooth White Stone
Thanks for being so beautiful and calm. You were gathered quickly and treated with quite dramatic care by a boy suddenly interested in gathering missions. You look so serene on my windowsill and sometimes catch my eye and I feel calmer as a result.

Dear: Boy into Books
Thanks for already loving books and insisting we read books. Fall is a great time to read books. I'm looking forward to moving beyond truck books but I can wait.

Dear: Pumpkins
Thanks for being so versatile. You are food and art and a great family time activity and spooky mystery all wrapped into one. How often does that happen?

Dear: Nostalgic Trike
Thanks for landing on my lawn and staying there for a 2 week period. I just left you there and eventually your family came and took you home. You are not only perfectly nostalgic but also symbolic of how safe and trusting this neighborhood is. That is a great feeling.


mama-pan | mary frances said...

I love, love this post. And boy, do we know "Cars and Trucks" around here. That rascally Dingo Dog, right?

thinking of you this week--got your lovely package and have sincere intentions to get yours in the mail today or tomorrow. thanks for being patient--I'm really hoping it will be worth the wait!

Little C and Little J said...

Yes! Dingo Dog!! Even the baby knows dingo.