Saturday, November 6, 2010

Magic Cleaning Potion

A few weeks back we ran out of laundry detergent and I looked at my Green Clean book for a laundry detergent recipe. It was so easy, I laughed out loud. *mix equal parts washing soda and borax.* We've been using that and it seems to work fine.

Then we ran out of dishwasher soap and I looked in the handy guide for a recipe and guessed it...*mix equal parts washing soda and borax.* So, the same simple cleaner that cleans our clothes, also cleans our dishes. It's like magic in its simplicity.

My husband is a little skeptical and keeps wondering whether it is really getting things "clean". But, what does "clean" really mean? Everything "looks" as clean as it did with a store-bought cleaner? I'd love any thoughts on this question. What are we trying to accomplish when we clean? Eliminating germs, tidying up? What all is involved in "clean"? We may be staging a clean test in the coming weeks as I'm determined to convince him that "complicated" and "clean" are not the same thing.

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Holly said...

My husband has similar concerns. I see no reason why something simple and green cannot equal clean. I think we Americans, at least, have been brainwashed by Big Company Marketing to believe that special chemical crap is *needed* to get something Really Clean. Buncha BS from what I can tell.