Wednesday, December 8, 2010

tidings of peace and joy

Welcome to our family's first ever Winter Holiday banner. It consists of five birds (made way back when from here), each hanging from its own banner that is decorated with a little bit of ric-rac at the bottom. I used bias tape to pull it all together. Because I like to get a little 'symbolic' about things, each of the birds represents someone in our family...though I will admit I had to include the cat in order to fit in the word peace.
It says *joy* on the other side, which makes it completely unattached to any Christmas tune. But, honestly, what I want this year is peace and joy. That's pretty much it, in a nutshell.


mama-pan | mary frances said...

lovely--I think projects like this, ones you'll use every year from now until whenever, are such great uses of time.

Julie said...

Meliss, this is so fabulous. I love the birds. The holiday banner idea is one that you gave me a while ago and one that I've been trying to do as each holiday approaches (because of what mama-pan says--things we'll use every year!) I adore the birds, and will now be stealing that! :)