Monday, December 6, 2010

...the wee ones

I am done having children. D.O.N.E. And, it isn't that I don't love my kids or love kids in general or love being a mom, it's just that two kids is just the right number for us and I'm ready to move past the whole 'tiny baby' phase of my life and into the 'engaging child' phase.

And quite frankly, this whole feeling just doesn't *jive* with the insanely excited reaction that I have upon hearing a friend is pregnant. And, right now, many of them are pregnant so I have lots of time to contemplate this dissonance. And, I think the obvious explanation finally hit me. I get to enjoy the joy of new life WITHOUT HAVING TO TAKE CARE OF IT! No responsibility just the excitement and adventure of it all.

So, of course, I take this enthusiasm to the sewing machine. And, really, this is just a long way of saying that I made another kimono top from the Heather Ross Weekend Sewing book. I used the last little bit of voile fabric from Anna Maria Horner. It is hard to express just how light and airy and cute and tiny this little top is. Almost makes me want to try again, this time for a girl. Almost, but not quite.


Julie said...

Amen, sister.

Julie said...

And you know I love the kimonos. :)

Juniper said...

Totally understand, am just at that same point myself. Potty training days - so happy they are behind me and the broken nights of sleep. But it is exciting to have friends who are starting it all fresh.