Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Reports--Due Monday: I Like You.

The first of my book reports! And, given that it is Valentine's Day I thought it proper to start with one of my the childrens literature department...I Like You by Sandol Warbug.

As my friend described it this is a "book for kids that is not really for kids but is for kids". That is, within its simple tale and goofy language is hidden a profound message of love and its complexity without getting heavy. The best part is that it is done with whimsy and silliness...the pictures are childlike and nonsensical. But, the story leaves you crying. And, honestly it is a great book to give or read to anyone you love. Its just as wonderful for your kids as it is for your best friend. And, trust me, I have given this book to many of my best friends and they all reported some tears as a result.
I'll leave you with one of my favorite snippets:

"If you and I had some drums and some horses and some fire engines.
We could be a celebration.
We could be a holiday.
We could be a whole parade."

Happy Valentine's Day all! (What's your favorite book or books? Let me know!)


mama-pan | mary frances said...

gah! this is one of my very very favorites--discovered and shared with my high school best friend. Strangely enough, I have never read it with my kids--thanks for the reminder that I like them, too. Monday book reports are a great idea! Not sure I have anything for today, but I'd love to join in some other time :-)

Juniper said...

I am behind on your blog! My what Valentines goodness! This book looks fantastic! Will have to track it down. Love the lines you included in your snippet!