Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Max's Quilt.

An innocent conversation in the park, "Melissa, do you quilt?" recently transformed into my first very special quilt commission! I've gathered up all of the precious baby clothes of our friend Max and am turning them into a special memory quilt. You know these clothes, we all have them...the ones indelible in our memories...from the quintessential baby picture, from the day you held the baby all day long with a fever, the ones that made you go gooey in the shopping mall or that were bought on the first trip away. These are the clothes that you look at and every detail of your little baby comes flooding back. They are emotional and important.
Yup. Those. Well, I've gently washed them and then cut them up. Gulp.
This is truly a job that a mother could not do!
And, in the end...that whole stack of clothes boils down to this pile of quilt squares. Amazing.
I don't want to give it away so here is just a sneak peek at the quilt top:
Since, children's clothes are inevitable a mix of fabrics (including lots of jersey!), the cutting and preparation is about half of the job. I put interfacing on the back of all of the jersey knit so that it would hold stiffly and sew smoothly. Everything is cut to 5 inch squares so some images are incomplete but without that other items wouldn't be in the quilt at all so I had to. In the end, it has really come together. Now! I just have to quilt it and sew on the binding! Then, all of those baby memories won't be stowed away in a tub in the basement but will be given new life! We love you Max!


From Maxwell's Parents said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! AMAZING! You are amazing!!!

Drea said...

Melissa, this is truly incredible. You really do blow my mind sometimes.

Little C and Little J said...

R and D! So glad you like your sneak peek! Can't wait to hand over the completed quilt!

mama-pan | mary frances said...

how fun! you are on a roll--his parents will be so happy.

what kind/weight of interfacing did you use, by the way?

Little C and Little J said...

Mama-Pan, I used lightweight interfacing and it worked really well actually.