Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Flour Sack Dress

Last summer my aunt mailed me some very special fabric. Her husband's family owned a flour mill in Minnesota back in the day and she had inherited the flour sack fabric from that time. And, given that she didn't know of another family member interested in sewing, she wanted me to have it. Well, it has been really hard for me to come up with a project that warranted using the fabric and was also small enough to work. But, while flipping through Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing I came across her flower girl dress and thought of a little friend about to have a birthday. It seemed silly to keep this stowed away rather than turned into something beautiful and useful.
So, I made the dress already. It's pretty cute, I must say. This picture makes it look a little crooked and it is not crooked BUT it is way to small! Yup, the bodice has no zipper, no buttons, nothing to help put it on a small body. Frankly, I think it would only fit on a small, small, small person...not what I had intended. And, come on! Children need their clothes to be easy to put on. I mean, so easy that the clothes nearly magically appear on them. So, I'm disappointed. And I know a special someone that can use this as a special occasion dress but I'm going to be tweaking the pattern so that it can actually function as a dress. Check back on Monday for my book report because this whole debacle is making me think that Weekend Sewing ought to be next on the review list.


Beth said...

I love the fabric - wouldn't it be great if we could all haul our groceries in such pretty patterns again?

What about adding a shirred/elastic panel in the back? Not the most elegant solution for a special occasion dress, I know.

Regardless, the dress is adorable - great work. I look forward to your review of WS. I have her book on my shelf too.

ps. no school again today...

Juniper said...

This is such a sweet dress, shame its not easy to put on but am sure you wil find a god solution. We await the next post and the review of the book!

Little C and Little J said...

Thanks for your confidence in me, friends!