Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Reports--Due Monday: Welcome

This little book: Welcome by Nikki McClure was one of our favorite baby books. We received it as a gift when our first boy was born and at first glance I thought that its poetic language and vague images were going to be loved by only me. But, Nikki McClure's classic style (she cuts mostly black paper with an exacto knife until it is like lace. The colors are added later.) means this book has the stark contrasts that little baby eyes love.

To my delight our infant son loved it as much as me, which meant I got to take an occasional break from the gazillion mind-numbing Byron Barton books he also loved. The only downside to this book is that it is spiral bond with little more than a heavy card stock pages...making it pretty fragile. In fact, these pictures are from a book I bought for a friend who is expecting because our version was desecrated a long time ago (you know how baby things that are well loved get's pretty *take no prisoners*). One way of looking at it, is that the book is as fragile and fleeting as those baby days.

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