Friday, February 25, 2011

Down that Crafty Mama Road

I relearned a classic lesson in crafty mamahood this week. I believe it is technically called "I love this thing I made for you WAY MORE than you love this thing I made for you." Harumph. I made these colorful and spirited napkins (robots, planets, airplanes! on one side and sprockets!! on the other) after receiving some gifts from my sister that were cleverly wrapped in fabric. I was so excited, because he has been dragging sad, olive colored napkins to school for over a year. I was sure he was going to flip over these. I envisioned him enjoying his lunch so much more and thinking fondly on me...his loving crafty mama.

This is not what happened. During the carefully constructed moment in which I presented them he immediately said, "I don't like them." I thought to myself, He will change his mind. So, the next day as I'm preparing his lunch I offered him a choice of NEW! FUN! napkin to include in his lunch sack. "I don't like those. I want the other one." So, I pulled out the sad, olive napkin (imagining it was mocking me) and stuffed it into the lunch sack. And, off he went to school.

I know this happens. You make something special, you take the time, you know how special it is and yet...the world doesn't always appreciate the road you have traveled. I'm ok with it. I know that I sew because I LOVE IT, not because we desperately need transportation themed napkins. I've recovered emotionally...but I am holding out hope that his younger brother will love them when he starts at the same school and needs a cloth napkin. That could happen, right?


Julie said...

This is so sweet. I love that Cal is so attached to his olive napkin...
And, for what it's worth, I love your truck napkins. I bet Jude will, too. Actually, my putting my money on Cal changing his mind with the week.

Julie said...

*transportation themed, not truck.

Beth said...

Yes - this has happend many a time here in our home too. But as artisans and craftwomen we keep on...admiring and finding value in our own work when others don't, won't or can't. Kids can be picky and they love routine (even in the most unexpected places like the lunchbox), but they also love creativity. With time, two shall meet in your hands. I promise.

And yes, the napkins are awesome.