Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making it Work Indoors

Looks like spring was just teasing us and really winter is still hanging around. As much as we are fans of playing outside, we've been killing lots of time inside this season. My youngest doesn't have much of an attention span for art projects and my oldest has never been that interested in them. So, I have to get inventive sometimes. These two projects are from the book Play All Day and were thoroughly entertaining for a full afternoon!
I also discovered the joy each of the boys gets when they have a dedicated art notebook. Even if half of the time we are just filling it will stickers, they both appreciate that it is theirs. For the baby, it is all about paints, which he calls 'water in' because what he is really after is stirring the paint brushes around in water...we haven't really mastered the actual painting part.
And, a joyful discovery for my oldest is oil pastels. He never found much satisfaction in crayons or markers despite many efforts on my part to draw him in (no pun intended!).
But, oil pastels. Oh my! The rich, vivid colors instantly transform into hippos and hearts and cars and roads. It is wonderful to see him so engaged in making art!


Julie said...

Ah, this warms my heart. You are such a good, creative mama, Meliss. A constant inspiration.

mama-pan | mary frances said...

this looks like so much fun! thanks for the idea!