Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Jaunt

For the past two years, my husband has given me sewing classes in the city for Christmas. It really is a fantastic gift as I end up with a lovely visit to NYC, an always inspiring class and I usually pick myself up a really good, good coffee. I really like heading into the city...I like the energy and the pace...for a short while.

This year, he sent me off on my merry way to Purl Soho. Oh the joy! The shop itself is so amazing I couldn't even purchase fabric...just stare. And, that place is hopping. If ever there was a need for evidence that crafting is making a comeback, Purl Soho would provide the proof. I took a class in pattern-making for clothing. It was taught by Cal Patch, who is wonderfully down-to-earth and essentially feels that most clothes are not made for most bodies and that even most sewing patterns are not made for most bodies. She really de-mystifies the whole process of measuring a cylindrical body shape and then transferring that into a 2-dimensional pattern.
I bought her book before class and I briefly read it but the class itself is going to really help me to fully use the book and really start making my own patterns. I'm not sure I would have been bold enough to dive into pattern-making without the class, to be honest. I would recommend the book on its own, I think. (One small thing holding me back is that I'm not always sure what fabric to use for clothing. I'm unsatisfied with how wrinkly and lightweight quilting cotton is but don't want to use denim or corduroy for everything. It seems that my own clothes are something different...a heavier cotton? a blend of fabrics? I mean I wear a lot of jersey knit but even my cottons are different from what I can usually find in the average fabric store. Anyone got any thoughts on this? I see things referred to as cotton poplin. Got any idea what that is?)

In the class we made individual patterns for an a-line skirt and a shift dress.
This dress is not the one I made a pattern for, it's a bit too advanced at this point but isn't it incredible! Very inspiring for sure. I can't wait to get started.

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