Monday, February 7, 2011

Snowy Day Splurge.

We've been snowed in a lot this season and that has got us to some pretty hairy situations (read=stir crazy). After one of those long snow days last week I sat at The Small Object and gave in to some long-held desires. I just love the playful and imaginative spirit that Sarah's things have. She brings such a quirky eye to the ordinary.

Of course, I had to indulge in the birthday candle. Our birthday season is spring so this wonderful little candle holder will have to wait a little while but it makes me happy right now.

Then, I went for the thumbprint notecard set: little stickers of hats and tails and eyes accompany a notepad ready for thumbprint creature making. We haven't played with this yet but I'm so excited to meet the little people my boys and I can create with this.
And, the real reason I landed on the site to begin with is this: the tell-me-a-story game. Roll the dice and make up a story to accompany the images. It works for extended age groups because you can match the images on an index card included with the game, just tell the story or even write the story on a notepad. Reminds me so much of the days of parlor games and family time. Yet, it's simple and small enough to bring to a restaurant.
And...a little something for me! The do-it-yourself notepad maker. Woot! Woot! In regular small object fashion it is sweet, simple and easy. It comes with enough paper and backing to instantly make a notepad for menu planning (which I am TRYING, TRYING, TRYING to get in to the habit of doing). And, the other supplies (including a pad making compound) to make up to 50 other notepads. Ooh, the possibilities!
So, bring it on winter weather. We are ready...for a little while.

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