Tuesday, March 22, 2011

little treats and moonlit worries

I am pretty excited about a little something that I got for myself. I spent months dreaming about buying it and scoured the internet looking for the best price I could pay for it. Finally, I went for it.

It's tape. But, not just tape. It's washi tape, the japanese tape that you can stick on anything, holds up well and you can even write on it. It's dreamy and beautiful. I got it here. I've used it to label a book, decorate an envelope, and hold a dress up on the wall.

Speaking of Japan. Oh, heartache...I can hardly get the word out without getting a little emotional. The tsunami and earthquake and the aftermath have been more than I can handle. Around our parts, we've been having a bit of parental heartache and long nights listening to a small person struggle with shallow breathes as his asthma gets the better of him. One of those nights I lay on his bedroom floor with my upper arm as a pillow my mind wandered to the compounding worries of the world right now. Parents are worried about their little and big kids in so many places, including Japan and Libya. I wish my washi tape could piece it all together but it's not that strong or amazing. I do hope that something, like the collective action of all those worried parents directly or indirectly affected, can be strong enough and amazing enough.

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Julie said...

Beautiful post, my sweet.