Monday, April 11, 2011

Book Report--Due Monday: Forever Friends

Today's book report: Forever Friends by Carin Berger
This is a book after my heart. It has a beautiful, clean look and tells the sweet story of two friends separated by the seasons only to be reunited again in the spring. The images are all papercut and she uses ephemera including library cards and grid paper to make each image. I look at this book probably more than my kids do because I'm often studying her unique combination of papers. She also has a super website, here, that gives you a better taste of her style (better than my cloudy picture for sure!).

I would write more about this book but I'm very distracted-ly waiting for a delivery from here and have some new projects rattling around in said distracted brain. I can't wait to share more but I have to sit on the stairs and wait for the postal worker.

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