Wednesday, April 6, 2011

There are Pants!

You know that feeling? When you are working on a sewing project and you are diligently cutting and hunkering over your machine making stitches. You aren't sure where exactly things are going and how it is all going to look. You get a little stuck on something and it just about kills you because you are so eager to SEE! JUST SEE! how this project is going to turn out. And, then, you finish and you turn everything right side out and shake it a little and you looks *good* and you made it and you feel fantastic and full of possibility.

Do you know what is better than that feeling? Watching someone else experience that very specific emotion for the first time. This, I am discovering, is the most spectacular thing about teaching people to sew. Getting to that 30 seconds when the look of pride and enthusiasm crosses someone's face. And, look at these pajama pants (and these happy faces!):

Oh yes! The first official stitching class is complete! It was so much fun to make pajama pants with these women (though, we did miss our third friend who got sick :( poor thing. ) These are the most adorable pajama pants EVER and I think it's safe to say they are not the last pair to be made in both of these families! There may even be some plans for matching family pajama, take that Hanna Andersson.


Beth said...

I love it! It always amazes me how much goes into selecting and preparing fabric, cutting the pattern, reading and understanding the pattern - and then with a few short bursts of actual sewing you are done! And have such a great project to show for it! Conggratulations all around.

Sabine said...

Violet and I bought fabric for our matching pants yesterday, and the Dad-version of the train pants are on the agenda this weekend. I will take a Hannah Andersson-style photo when all are completed (perhaps, for your eyes only)! Thanks again for the inspiration!