Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Summer Breeze Dress

A while back I made the dress in this post, and as I suspected it didn't fit...was way too tight. In the process of thinking through how to alter the pattern so that it would fit better I got to thinking that an all-around bodice just isn't realistic for an everyday girl's dress. I don't have girls but I do know that ALL CHILDREN need clothing that goes on and off easily....even better if it is super cute.
So, I ditched the whole back bodice and put in elastic casing, then I lengthened the straps in the back, added a criss-cross and while I was at it I shortened the length, widened the bodice in front and even lengthened it a bit because I liked the proportion a whole lot better. In the end, I came up with a whole new dress. I like it and so do a few other people, too. So, I've taken a request to make one out of this wonderful echino fabric.

I even snuck my making into the KCSC over at elsie marley. This whole adventure has strengthened my belief that there are no mistakes in sewing...only 'learning opportunities'. Every mishap leads down a new road that takes a turn that ends up better than where we started. This little summer breeze dress is that destination.


Hyattsville said...

the dress is lovely!! I bet you will be having a lot of requests come in--hurrah!

Anonymous said...

that is adorable!