Wednesday, November 2, 2011

presenting (the new location)...

i'm moving my virtual, crafty home. leaving behind tigerlily tinkering for a home at

no bags are packed and no van is waiting outside but I have the distinct feeling of looking around at a space that's reflecting back an echo. it's a little bit of a mixed emotion.  truth is, since the beginning of 2011 i've been hacking through the sometimes tangled world of teaching classes, sewing things for sale and nestling into a new virtual home. 

it's exciting to move! i'm excited! but, you know, i loved it here, too.  i love the friends i've made here and i've learned so much in this space.  but, (deep breath and big leap) is where it is at now.

i hope you move with me. my latest adventures in sewing, teaching and growing will all be happening over there.

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