Friday, August 8, 2008

His and Her Koats

I generally don't like when things are misspelled on purpose like this but the Klean Kanteen brand of non-plastic water bottle happens to be my favorite. The only problem is that they aren't insulated (which makes them light, compact and able to hold lots of liquid). But, with hot liquids in them, they are too hot to touch. This was my solution! And, it had to be named a Koat, right...not coat, too dull.

I got the idea from a gift from my sister, she got us holders to replace the cardboard they give you at the coffee shop. Hers were off etsy from dizzlepop. But, they don't fit the Klean Kanteen. I made ours with plain cotton on the outside and a middle liner of cotton quilt batting. But, the genius part is that the backside is sticky so it grips the container! I used the material used for making feet on children's pajamas to get that effect. It's very effective, much to my delight. The buttons are, of course, vintage from my mother. And, I love them.
These are his and hers's our wedding anniversary. Yep, two years (one 15 month old son plus 9 month gestation period equals HONEYMOON). So, since the second year is a gift of cotton, I couldn't pass up making matching pairs. It's a little saccharin-like cute but so be it.

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Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! Ours is coming up quick - what is four years, flowers? I'm sure that K was thrilled with his gift. I also love your idea of using kids pj feet fabric.