Friday, July 24, 2009

Wishful Thinking

Another little something from Lotta's Simple Sewing. This is her reversible apron. For one side, I used up (sob) fabric from a thrift store. It was a kimono style bathrobe with 'nikko international hotels' written all over it so the wooden spoons were created to cover that up. I added the placard with 'yummy tasty' to memorialize something my son says. I ask, "How is it, Cal? Is is yummy." and if it is he says, "Yummy Tasty, Mama. Yummy Tasty." So, my wishful thinking is that everything I make in this apron receive the 'yummy tasty' certification. I like the style of this apron and have enjoyed having full coverage. It was a really simple pattern, the time consuming part was adding the detail to both sides. And, it does require the detail or it looks a bit dull. On the other side, I added applique dots and some embrodiery. I'm trying to work on embrodiery as it offers such creative freedom. I've found my water-soluble fabric marker is the essential tool for conquering embrodiery or on darker fabrics, a sliver of soap does the trick. There is a tiny pocket on this side, just a folded over circle with a button to hold it together. I've noticed, though, that I tend to use the yummy tasty side. It just seems a bit more...durable, I guess.
A while back I also completed this little top for a friend of mine in Oregon. She just became a big sister! I used the peasant blouse tutorial from Blueprint and the rest of my Heather Ross mermaid fabric. I love how whimsical this fabric is and it's so soft. Had to hope for the best on the fit of this one as I haven't seen this lovely little lass in years. But, word is that it fits and has apparently already been worn to the aquarium, which makes me sooo happy! I did stray from the tutorial in a really exciting way for this one. I was able to use the elastic thread to create the sleeves, rather than creating a casing. I LOVE this alteration because not only is it a million times easier, it also creates an adorable little ruffle and isn't as tight of a fit on the upper arm. I'm literally on the prowl for other ways to use elastic thread these days.

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mama-pan said...

the apron is gorgeous! congrats on the embroidery--isn't it fun? I haven't tried the elastic thread thing but if bloglandia keeps buzzzing about it, I guess I'll have to one of these days...