Monday, September 21, 2009

We Are Working on Napkins

Oh yes we are! As much as I believe that kids should be dirty, we have too many t-shirts with tomato stains to keep going with the wipe-it-on-my-shirt routine. And, when the napkins are stored away there was too much..."I need such and such napkin. No, not THIS one, THAT one." and far too little understanding of when one was dirty and so not available. So, I dumped our napkins in a bowl on the table. That way the options are all visible and the choices are what you can see. I hemmed my minny muu fabric into fun, kid napkins. Some of them are hemmed using the serger, my first attempt to tackle the birthday beast. It was great, so fast and easy until the fourth thread ran out and then there was lots of swearing and eventually a full *walking away*. So, I will have to face down the serger again soon. Here is my lovely son discussing all the different trucks and cars and where they are going and how many there are and which one is a snowplow and....all for love of the napkin. He is actually saying "Can I have a napkin!" come dinner time now. Wahoo!


Juniper said...

well done,sounds like it was a total success! He is looking very cute in that napkin I must say!

mama-pan said...

funny post! So, have you gotten back on the serger horse yet? (Now I'm picturing a "serger horse," hmm. Close relative of the "buttonholer pony," both are wild until broken and tamed...) Anyway, I don't have one and they sound useful but intimidating. Good luck figuring it out! Then you can have fun with knits, right?