Thursday, November 5, 2009

I told you I was gonna do a beet

Finally got around to trying my hand at carving a beet. Not only are beets beautiful in color and shape (very feminine, I think) but they are so good tasting. I could eat lots of beets, funny thing is I go crazy for them when I'm pregnant but my kids don't like them at all. Go figure that one. The poppies up top were just for fun and really didn't turn out that great, when it's stamped they look alot more like alien people, which is fun, but not exactly what I was going for, ya know?

I'm thinking about stamping the beet and my tree/broccoli onto my shower curtain fabric from the yard sale for tote bags to bring to the grocery store or farmer's market. I'd love to use my dialogue bubble and give these veggies something to say but I'm struggling with what beets and broccoli's talk about. Any ideas?


mama-pan said...

hmm, it could be something eco-themed like "beet plastic--go reusable!" Or, "My heart beets for the environment." Not particularly witty, but servicable, I suppose. Very cute stamps, anyway!

Juniper said...

beets and poppies... we seem to be on the same wave length lately!! he he
Lovely beet stamp by the way!