Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yard Sale Bust Up

Our city-wide yard sale was very nearly a bust. First it was rained out and then the rain date was pretty rainy. (It is awfully wet here.) There seemed to be a bit of city-wide confusion about when it was all happening so it was just a trickle of slow sales and I was getting nervous I wasn't going to find anything. But, sigh, just around the corner from us was a good sale with these two fabric shower curtains. They have stains but I'm using them for the fabric so I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw them. Oh, I've got plans for these guys! Then, I found this book. How fantasticly kitch is that? And, for 10 cents! Plus, it has some great kid-friendly projects including how to make "kooky clay", I can't wait. I mean who wouldn't trust this guy below? Ah, that is right pointdexter.
I didn't find a toddler bed and bedroom dresser but that might have been a little much to expect anyway.


mama-pan said...

oh, that guy is hysterical. Is he eating the clay? glad you found something for all your efforts!

Little C and Little J said...

He isn't eating it, but that would be funny. He's eating candy out of the egg carton cup because they used to give kids more candy back then.