Monday, March 7, 2011

Book Reports--Due Monday: Bend the Rules Sewing

Book reports--not for money, just for case you happen to be interested in that sort of thing. This week it's Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol.

What I like about this book: This book, recommended to me from a friend, was the one that really inspired me to get back into sewing during my maternity leave with our first bouncing baby boy. Before that time, I was a fairly casual sewer but I found this book so accessible and engaging that I went through it front to back, completing every project that appealed. I really like Amy Karol and the warm, friendly, down to earth voice she has in her blog, Angry Chicken is the same one that comes through in the book. I also appreciate that the book reflects as she puts it "a whole new way to sew," which is more relaxed and allows for lots of creativity even for beginner projects. This book also has wonderful introductory material that covers basic things such a sewing in a button or putting in a zipper that I use as a reference frequently. The projects are aimed at people fairly new to sewing and are pretty accessible for a beginning sewer but also inspiring enough to be intriguing for more experienced sewers. I have completed 15 of the projects from this book and was happy with all but one. Her projects mostly require simply cutting rectangles and when there are *patterns*, they aren't really patterns but drawings in the back of the book that need to be copied. It's fairly straightforward and adds to the accessibility factor, if you can get to a copy machine easily. If not, it could be kind of a bummer.

What I don't like about this book: Um, not much. The project I didn't like very much was one of her bags and it just didn't have enough structure for me but others might not feel the same. The only downer might be that you need access to the aforementioned copy machine for some of the projects. Also, given that her projects run from clothes to toys to napkins...some might not appreciate such a wide range.

Final Grade: A. It's a good one, through and through.

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