Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rainy Day + Grey Skirt = Sunny Disposition

I made this skirt this week, using the a-line skirt pattern made to fit me in this class from the Design-It-Yourself Clothing book. It's a charcoal grey...simply but so versatile and it fits relatively rests a little low on my waist so I'm back to the drawing board to alter the pattern to sit a little higher and I may lengthen it a little bit. But, I love how the skirt came out overall and I know that I will wear it lots. The picture is a bit foggy because it was a rainy day but, like I said, my mood perked up when I finished this. I even dusted off my knee-length suede wedge boots just to try the skirt on with a little lift. The boots were thrilled, they haven't seen action since I met my doula for the first time!

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